We are a family who loves to explore, try new things and have fun.  We blog about our adventures to inspire others to live a life full of joy, wonder and inspire family fun.  Besides traveling, some of our favorite things to do as a family are play games, challenges and check out one of the many subscription boxes available.  Here you will mostly find:

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About Us:


kristi busy loving life


I am a mom of two girls, Olivia and Abigail.  I was inspired to start this blog after helping my daughter Olivia start her YouTube channel.  While watching family videos to get inspiration, I saw so many comments from kids wishing they did these activities at home and had more fun together as a family.  Although sliding down stairs into 1000s of cheese balls or giant pools of slime in the living room are extreme.  I wanted to find a way to take those extreme ideas and turn them into something that can be done at home with the family, even with busy schedules.

I hope to inspire other moms to let kids be kids and to get messy with them.

Join me and let’s be friends on this journey together:

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olivia family blog

Olivia aka Kat

Olivia is the voice of Kat-Tastic, a family friendly YouTube channel for kids.  Where as this blog focuses mostly on a mom’s perspective, Olivia offers a kid’s perspective through her videos.  She has a passion for creating videos and creating big messes during the process.  To view her channel, click here.  She also loves to play Roblox and The Sims 4.

Besides YouTube and gaming, you can find Olivia on stage.  She loves to be involved in theater and has a natural confidence when on stage.  She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.  She is also a lover of all things cats.  She loves animals and has always wanted to be a veterinarian.  She loves trying new experiments and anything that she can basically make an explosion out of.  She is the brains and the realist in the family who helps to keep us grounded.


abigail busy loving life


Abigail loves everything that’s pink or sparkles and could eat cereal for every meal of the day.  She has such enthusiasm when it comes to life and does not hide her feelings so you will immediately know whether she loves or dislikes something. Her imagination is off the charts when it comes to playing and you’ll find her playing in her room for hours, setting up schools and vacations and different scenarios for her dolls to play out.

Also a lover of dance, Abigail is always dancing, whether at a dance class or having her own dance party at home.  She has a new found passion for acrobatics and is discovering she is naturally quite flexible.  She is the spirited one and the one who makes us laugh.