Whether you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for family fun crafts and activities, or you want to learn how you can start your own blog, you’re in the right place!

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re a mom or caretaker also. And you are probably looking for:

  • Family Fun – from crafts and activities to seasonal fun!
  • Recipes that are kid-friendly, but yummy for adults also.
  • Or maybe you’re wondering if you have what it takes to start your own profitable blog.

If I’m right, then I am so excited for you! When you follow along with Busy Loving Life, you’ll be inspired to really embrace motherhood or your caretaker role with our fun craft and activity ideas! And as the seasons change and holidays approach, you’ll find ideas and inspiration to really embrace the moments and create your own traditions.

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Hi, I’m Kristi and I want to welcome you to join along and be Busy Loving Life!

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I first started this blog because I was going through a difficult time. I needed a distraction and to focus on the good things in my life. Olivia and Abigail have always loved doing crafts and crazy experiments and I have always loved everything about the seasons and holidays – decorating, food, activities, etc. So together, we started the blog, Busy Loving Life! Although I am the author and creator of the blog, Olivia and Abigail are responsible for a lot of the craft, recipe and activity ideas posted here. All ideas that make it to this blog are both kid and mom approved! And trust me, not all ideas make it here!

This blog took off faster than I could have imagined and has been inspiring thousands of people! It has also provided financially for my family and I am able to stay home with the girls and have a fulfilling career because of it. It is for that reason that I am passionate about helping others start their own blogging business. Or even to just help others who want a blog as a hobby. Blogging is a wonderful tool to use to help you achieve goals – whether weight loss goals or just wanting to learn a new hobby – blogging will help to keep you focused and motivated! Because I created this blog to focus on the good, it has brought amazing things into our life and it can do the same for you!

Get to know us better!
Meet Kristi

kristi family fun blog


Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a mom. I absolutely love being the “soccer” mom. Although for us, it’s definitely not soccer. It’s dance.. and acro… and theatre… and chorus… and girl scouts. From costumes to make-up… to back stage and outings… I love it all! I try my best to encourage the girls to try new things and go after their passions and it has been an amazing journey being a part of it all!

I love everything about the different seasons and holidays. I love decorating, planning trips and activities around specific times of the year. And now it’s amazing having a place to share those ideas with others through my blog.

I am crazy about music. I have always felt a connection to music and songs and worked for our local radio stations for almost 8 years! It can be hard for me to refrain from answering questions in the form of song lyrics. As you read this, I am probably listening to music. Even if it is in the background. From current hits, to oldies, I love it all! My secret desire has always been to be a good singer. I absolutely love singing, but trust me, you don’t want me to. Even now, I am still considering taking music lessons, in hope that one day, I can rock out a seriously epic karaoke performance!


Meet Olivia

olivia family fun blog


Olivia is 9 years old and has a love for learning! She has been using Google and YouTube as a “how to” resource since she could first read in kindergarten. She has since taught herself how to write cheat codes for some of her favorite games (unlimited money in Sims anyone?) and has a desire to create her own video game one day. She also loves to perform! She performs in shows at a local theatre and is always hopeful to get roles with a lot of speaking or singing parts! Lucky for her, she did not inherit my singing genes! She is starting 2 new adventures this year with chorus and Girl Scouts and is really excited about them both!

In her spare time, she can be found recording videos for her YouTube channel, KatTastic! The name was created out of her love for cats! She has a pusheen cat obsession and would have 10 cats if I let her!


Meet Abigail

Abigail family fun blog


Abigail is 6 years old with a personality mixed with sweetness and sass! She loves everything that is pink and sparkles. She loves playing games, doing crafts and playing with toys. If she had her way, we would have family game night every night! She is my assistant when it comes to baking and loves to watch cooking shows. She is always giving me ideas when it comes to recipes – sometimes way more extravagant than I can actually do!

She loves both dance and acro. She is always using the couch to practice her new acro moves. I am blown away by what she is capable of after only 1 year and look forward to see what is to come this year! She’ll be adding tap and ballet to her dance schedule this year and she is beyond excited! All last year, she practiced “tapping” around the house so I have a feeling this is going to be a noisy year now that she has real tap shoes to do this in!