Snow Tubing in NC at Moonshine Mountain

Family Friendly Snow Tubing in North Carolina

If you are looking for snow tubing in North Carolina, Moonshine Mountain is a great place for snow tubing. It’s both kid and adult friendly fun!

Last February, we decided we needed to do something winter like, which meant something that involved snow.  So we took a random trip to go snow tubing in NC in Hendersonville and discovered a snow tubing place called Moonshine Mountain.

We arrived in Hendersonville in time to stop for lunch first.  We then made our way to Moonshine Mountain and arrived there around 1:00pm.  I had no idea how popular this place is.  They limit the amount of tubers at a time and they were all full at the moment.  Luckily they had space in their last session of the day which was from 4:00pm-6:00pm so we signed up for that spot…phew!!  Keep that in mind if you are planning a trip here (which is so worth it – check out the video)!  Just call in advance.

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During our wait, we explored downtown Hendersonville.  There are a lot of different stores and coffee shops that kept us entertained until it was our time to tube!  Downtown Hendersonville is a cute area so consider adding it to your itinerary if you are planning a trip to Moonshine Mountain.

Snow Tubing in NC Hendersonville – Moonshine Mountain

The snow tubing place is awesome because they have a line to hook your tube up to which will pull you up the mountain!!  When you are likely to have to drag your tube along with two others up the hill each time you want to slide, it is no fun!  Having this feature made this place AWESOME!!  And it was almost as fun getting pulled up as it was sliding down!

snow tubing

Another reason this place is awesome is because they allow you to do the train which is when you link with multiple tubes by holding on or linking your feet on the person in front of you.  This was the only way Abigail would go down so I was sooo glad this was an option.  Many snow tubing places do not allow this.

The staff at Moonshine Mountain does professional photographs while you slide.  They take them during all sessions and then you can search for the ones you want to buy at the end.  When the sun goes down, they stop taking them though.  Since it was dark the majority of the time we were there, we didn’t get any unfortunately.  But the photos from the earlier sessions were amazing!  They captured some great photos and face expressions!  If you want the photos, make sure to go earlier.  We will next time!

snow tubing

It was really cold while we were there so we had to make a few stops at the fire pit to warm up.  They also have an indoor building with heat, fire place, games and snacks if you really can’t stand the cold.  We spent most of the 2 hours sliding!  It was a blast!

snow tubing

There are a lot of other fun activities to do near Hendersonville, NC

Some of our favorite places in Hendersonville, NC are Sky Top Apple Orchard and Sierra Nevada.  Take advantage of my referral link for Airbnb and get $40 off your first purchase and stay in a cute condo or apartment downtown! The referral discount is good for any location.  We used Airbnb when staying in Savannah and had a great experience!  You can read about it here.

snow tubing

Make sure to check out the video below to see how awesome the snow tubing really is!

We would love to hear your favorite snow tubing place to visit!  We are always up to trying new places and new adventures!


snow tubing



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  2. This is activity is awesome, enabling fun outdoors and with nature. I have never done the train before and can only imagine the giggles that come with the sheer exhilirat from flying down the hill. Delightful!! 💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

  3. That looks so awesome, I’d love to do that and know my girls would too. Just a shame that we’re in England where it hardly ever snows. I was staying near Hendersonville years ago when doing Camp American and this bought back lots of memories for me so thanks!

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