ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Fluffy Homemade Bath Paint

We also love to add on our twist to things, like with this ivory soap experiment. After microwaving the soap, we turned it into fluffy homemade bath paint!!

We love trying new projects and are always exploring science experiments to see how they work!  We also love to add our twist to things, like with this ivory soap experiment.  After microwaving the ivory soap, we were able to turn it into fluffy homemade bath paint!!  Let me tell you what’s really cool about this.  You make this bath paint from soap.  So when your children think they are having a blast in the bathtub playing, they are really cleaning the shower for you.  That’s a parenting win right there!

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

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What is so cool about this ivory soap experiment?

Ivory soap has a high volume of air whipped into it, so when the soap is heated, it expands rapidly into a huge, fluffy cloud!  What’s even better, is the texture after you microwave the ivory soap.  It’s fluffy, but firm and mold able so it makes a great activity for sensory play.  You can also take the mixture and make your own DIY fluffy homemade bath paint!  To really understand the science behind this, head on over to Steve Spangler, as he does a great job at explaining this.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Also, it should be noted that this will only work with Ivory soap.  Other soaps don’t have as much air whipped into them and will cause the soap to burn if microwaved long enough.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

How to Conduct the Ivory Soap Experiment

First, microwave the ivory soap for about 2 minutes.  It will take about 15 seconds before you see the soap begin to expand.  Watch as the soap continues to grow at a very rapid rate.  Remove from the microwave and let the mixture cool for a minute before touching.  Next, play with the mixture, mold it and discuss how the air whipped into the soap, causes it to expand as it does.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

How to Make Fluffy Homemade Bath Paint

Find some plastic cups or tubs that you don’t mind making this paint in.  Divide the mixture into the different cups.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Add enough water to each cup, that the fluffiness becomes more of a paste.  Add a little water at a time and stir.  You don’t want to add too much water or the paint won’t be very fluffy.  The consistency is completely up to what you prefer.  If it’s too fluffy, we have found it makes it hard to make any designs with.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Once you are happy with the consistency, add just a couple drops of food coloring to get your desired color.  We used regular food coloring and it did not dye the color of our shower at all.  If you are concerned about it dying your shower, you can purchase these bath dyes specifically made for coloring soaps and your own bath paint.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Now you are ready to have some fun and paint!  Grad a paint brush and get to decorating the shower!  When you are done, it rinses right off, leaving your shower cleaner than it was before.

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy

Check out the video to watch a step by step tutorial and see the finished product of the bath paints!


We hope you guys love this ivory soap experiment and fluffy homemade bath paint as much as we do.  Have fun experimenting and don’t forget to check out out our science experiences for more family fun ideas to do at home.

If you want to make this at home, make sure you pin this ivory soap fluffy bath paint so you can find it later!

ivory soap experiment fluffy homemade bath paint diy



  1. What a lovely and creative idea! Littles ones will surely love to make and play with this at bath time!

  2. My kids would love making this and painting in the bath tub! They love science experiments and I love anything that is educational and keeps them entertained for a while!

  3. Ummm this looks so fun. For one, I love the smell of Ivory soap. It smells like home to me. I definitely want to try to make this with my kids.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun and really easy to make. I know my niece and nephews would like to do that and easy clean up.

  5. I would have never thought of doing something like this, but this is one cool experiment! My niece would practically want to live inside the bathroom if she were to play with bath paint. πŸ™‚

    1. It didn’t stain ours! In the post, I left a link for food coloring which is meant for bath products so those definitely won’t stain.

  6. What a cute and fun idea. My kids would love this such an amazing activity. They will like this for sure.

  7. While the mom in me cringes at the clean-up efforts, I think this is a pretty cool idea. My son loves bath time and typically finds other ways to entertain himself (at my expense), so why not try this?

  8. How fun and awesome this bath paint is. My grandchildren would love it! I believe I have a couple bars to and they are off for Spring break so each will be spending 2 nights. What a fun score for grandma!

  9. She looks like she’s having a great time! And what easy cleanup for sure. It’s a fun project for kids!! Maybe adults, too. Ha! πŸ™‚

  10. This looks so fun to make and play with! This would be a fun activity to use for outside water play as well!

  11. Your daughter is sooo cute. And that soap recipe looks like so much fun I think I will suggest it to my sisters when we get together next. I love the ingredients too.

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