kidpik unboxing subscription box for girls

Kidpik Unboxing – Get $15 Off

Join us for a Kidpik unboxing of the spring 2018 line and get your own $15 off coupon to use towards fun clothes for you kids!

Have you ever heard of Kidpik?  We have been excited to try this subscription box for girls since first hearing about it.  Hope you enjoy our Kidpik unboxing review!

subscription box for girls

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Not sure if you will like it?  It’s 100% FREE to try!!  You won’t get charged until after your window is over for sending the items back.  Abigail wasn’t thrilled with her box because she said there wasn’t enough pink so we sent it all back.  It comes with a pre-paid bag for returns, so we sealed up the items, sent them back and were never charged at all for Abigail’s picks.  Talk about a great service to try!

What is Kidpik?

Kidpik is a seasonal clothing subscription box for girls.  You can choose to receive 1 box a season (4 boxes a year), 2 boxes a season (8 boxes a year) or a box every month.  Each clothing piece and accessories are exclusive to Kidpik so you won’t be able to get these items from anywhere else.

subscription box for girls

When you first begin, you and/or your daughter will complete a short style quiz online.  This quiz takes less than 5 minutes to complete and was easy for both Olivia (9 years old) and Abigail (5 years old) to complete on their own.  They had a lot of fun completing the quiz and made it even more exciting to see what items they would get!

kidpik unboxing review

Your child will then receive, in the mail, their very own box styled just for them!  You can choose which items you would like to keep and send back (for free) the items you do not wish to keep.  If you keep all the items, you’ll receive 30% off everything in the box.  There is also a free gift inside each box that is yours to keep!  There is a break down of the cost of each item with and without the 30% off inside the box.  The average cost of a box is $89 for 7 items and that is with the 30% discount.

kidpik unboxing review

Olivia was very happy with her outfit choices and even more happy that she didn’t have to go shopping.  She is not one of those girls who love to shop so she said this box is perfect for her.

Kidpik Sizing

I felt the clothes ran just slightly small.  If you are in between sizes, I recommend ordering up.  I ordered Olivia a size 10 and they fit perfectly, but still with a little growing room.  Compared to Justice clothes, 10s are slightly big on Olivia.  The shoes seemed to be completely accurate in size.

kidpik unboxing review

We both really love the pants she got!  She loves leggings and these are very high quality leggings, almost like a pant, but still stretchy like leggings.  The color is awesome as well!

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kidpik unboxing review

We really felt that all the items were great quality.  The dress is very lightweight, but feels as though it will hold up for quite awhile.  Olivia loves the look of this dress.  While Abigail is all about pink and glitter, Olivia is much more versatile and into different fashions.

kidpik unboxing review

Pink usually isn’t Olivia’s color, but she said the fuzziness of the shoes made up for the color.  Plus, the color looks great with all the outfits she got!

kidpik unboxing review

Olivia really enjoyed getting this box in the mail and is looking forward to next season when she’ll get her next box!  I love how easy it was to return Abigail’s items and how I was able to try it completely risk free.  We definitely recommend this subscription box for the little fashionista in your life!  This would make a great gift or any day surprise!

Don’t forget to use this referral link for $15 off your first box (because who doesn’t love a coupon)!!  You won’t be charged when you order, but you still need to claim the coupon before ordering!

Check out Olivia’s Kidpik unboxing video to see everything she got in her box!

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kidpik unboxing review



    1. I know, the shoes are so cute! I was worried my daughter wouldn’t like them because she isn’t into pink like my younger daughter, but she loves that they are fuzzy and the fuzzy factor won!

    1. In the short quiz, it will ask the shoe size, dress size, pant size, shirt size, etc. You can also exchange any items for free for a different size with the pre-paid return bag.

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of Kidpik. It would be so exciting for a young girl to receive! Thanks for sharing about this service.

  2. How fun and exciting to receive new clothes in the mail! My daughter is almost 3 so I might have to give this a look. She is growing more and more interested in her outfits and accessories everyday, and LOVES pink! Great review.
    Also, you daughter is darling!

    1. I believe the sizes start at 4 and in my opinion, they run slightly small, so she’s probably ready! She’ll love it!!

  3. Olivia got some really nice clothes in the kidpik box. Good advice on ordering one size up, children are growing all the time and they will outgrow the clothes quite fast. I love the fuzzy shoes, they look lovely!

  4. Kidpik is such a great idea. Subscription services are getting better and better, and they’re so convenient too. Love the pink slip on shoes with the bows the most!

  5. I think the best part of this is that you don’t have to actually go shopping to get nice things even for kids. It saves a lot of time for mom.

  6. They have awesome choices for the kids! I love the clothes that your daughter received. They’re perfect for Spring. Love how the quiz at the beginning makes the process more fun and exciting!

  7. Wow i wish kidpik was around when I was a child. So many cute options in that box and she looks so excited and so stylish with her clothing pieces.

  8. who doesnt love subscription boxes i mean really. who ever came up with the idea for boxes was a genius. its such a fun surprise. i love that there is one for your kids as well. i personally love going to target for my nieces and going crazy on some clothes for them so maybe i will gift this to them!

  9. Wow there are so many subscription boxes now I didn’t know they had one for kiddies! Love the items she got and great way to surprise them each month

  10. I really love the clothes and how you combined them, such nice outfits. And she is such a cutie! Great post

  11. I love the concept of subscription boxes. It’s so much fun to unbox and get so many surprises. Love the top with “Dreamer” across the front and the leggings do look like pants, quite snug and awesome.

  12. I love subscription boxes! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of these! I think the items are really cute, but I love that she sent them back for not including pink. She’s a girl after my own heart! LOL

  13. Such a lovely box for a little girl! Very cute items, especially shoes and dress, adorable!

  14. This sounds pretty cool. If my daughter were younger, she would have loved to do this. Too bad I think she’s a little too tall for a box like this. Your daughter is so cute and I love all the outfits here. I miss my daughter wearing these kinds of outfits.

  15. I have never heard of this box before but it looks like so much fun. I love to get new clothing so I am sure the little ones do too!

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