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Take The Wet Head Challenge!

You have probably seen the wet head board game in the toy isle, but have you taken the wet head challenge? Now’s your chance!

Have you heard of the wet head board game?  You have probably seen it in the kids toy isle, but believe me when I say this game is not just for kids.  This game is brilliant.  It is a water roulette game, but can be customized to be so much more!  It’s fun for both kids and adults and makes a great social activity as well.

wet head board game

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How to play the wet head board game:

The concept of this game is pretty simple.

  • Insert the pins into the hat
  • Fill the blue compartment on the hat with water
  • Put the hat on
  • Spin the spinner
  • Do as the spinner says (pull 1 pin, pull 2 pins or skip a turn)
  • Pass the hat and spinner to the next person and repeat
  • Someone ends up getting wet!!

wet head board game

The cool thing about this game is you control how much water goes into the hat.  The compartment can hold a decent amount which makes this a fun outdoor water game in the summer time.  But you can also put very little so this game can be played sitting around inside as a family.  It’s totally up to you.

wet head board game

You don’t have to limit this game to just water either!  Any sort of liquid will work!  This can get as messy as you want it to get!

wet head board game

Take The Wet Head Challenge

We challenge you to to take the wet head challenge!  Find a friend or two who is crazy enough to do this with you and challenge them!  Find any sort of fun liquids you can find and start getting messy!  It might be a good idea to do this one outside, speaking from personal experience here.  You can get the game here if you prefer to shop online.

wet head board game

Ideas for your wet head challenge:

Some ideas of liquids to use for the challenge are:

  • Orange Juice
  • Tomato Juice – this is a REALLY fun one!
  • Kifer – this one comes out a little slower so it isn’t as dramatic, but the mess it makes is hilarious
  • Sobe flavored drinks – the thicker strawberry/pina colada type drinks are best
  • Milk or Chocolate Milk
  • Slime Baff – we love this stuff and use it for so many other fun challenges – we’ve only been able to find it on amazon though.
  • Soda – diet products will be a lot less sticky, but you may want the sticky mess!
  • Pickle Juice
  • Sports Drinks

There are so many fun liquids you can use for this game.  Just take a stroll through the grocery store and grab anything that looks fun.

wet head board game

Wet Head Board Game Gift Idea:

This water roulette game makes a great gift idea for pretty much any kid.  It is also perfect for adults who love to host game nights or outdoor cookouts with friends.  If you really want to get creative when giving this game, wrap it with 4-5 of your favorite liquid choices.

Another fun idea if you have kids and want to win the cool mom award, would be to wrap this up with several fun liquids for a random weekend surprise of fun.  With Easter coming up, it could be fun to fill an Easter basket with fun liquids and this game with a note from the Easter bunny challenging the kids.

wet head board game

Will you take the challenge?  Olivia took the challenge with her BFF, watch the video to see how it went!

Make sure to let us know if you will be taking the challenge and what liquids you will be using!   We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

wet head board game



  1. This looks like such a fan game to play and your daughter and her friend seem to have the time of their lives playing it. I can imagine it can get quite messy to playing outside would be the best idea.

  2. Omg goodness, this is for sure an outdoors game only…My children would love this, and we have a birthday coming up. This is must, I’ll be sure to make sure we have an assortment of liquids to try at the party.

  3. Sounds like a fun game for kids. My hubby would personally kill me if I tried to make him play, but my kids would probably do it! Sounds like a fun game to add to a Summer afternoon playdate.

  4. My kiddos have seen this game all over YouTube and have been begging for it. I was wondering if it was really fun for kids. Looks like it would be a fun game to keep them playing outside during spring break and summer vacation.

  5. I have never heard of this game which is surprising as we get new games often. It looks hilariously fun and I guarantee my grandchildren would have hours of fun! Look what we have been missing. I’d like to use something super weird like pancake mix.

  6. What a fun game! It sounds perfect for birthday parties and family reunions! I was thinking pickle juice sounded good for the challenge, then saw it in your list. Thought I’d come up with some of my own: Soy sauce, beef broth, or pineapple juice.

  7. I hadn’t heard of this game but oh man am I imagining what sort of mess my niece and nephew would end up with after trying this! It does look fun though and I like your liquid suggestions!

  8. I’ve seen this advertised in television, and kids are evidently crazy about it! I’m not sure I’d appreciate any kind of liquid on my head (save for water), but this could be perfect for a birthday party or family gathering. 🙂

  9. Hehe this looks like such a fun game!! I know that my nieces and nephews would really enjoy this in the summertime outdoors 🙂

  10. This is hilarious! I would love to this with my sister. We’d both get a kick out of it. It looks like a fun activity.

  11. I just showed this to my daughter today and she said she’d would like to have the pancake mix, she’d like me play with her.

    1. It’s so funny you said that! My sister and I loved that show and used to do obstacle courses in our backyard together! We created one for the girls a few months ago and they thought we were crazy!

  12. What a really fun game. It looks like the kids really enjoyed it. It would be the perfect party game 🙂

  13. I would love play such challenges with my mates! If they have the time too that is hehe. It looks so fun and I have seen many youtubers play with it!

  14. Parents always want kids to stay clean instead of trying to get dirty. I love the idea of having this game to educate kids on how it’s alright to be wet and dirty (but they should get cleaned fast so that they won’t fall sick!

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